stackupy CRM

stackupy CRM solution allows businesses to manage customer relationships more strategically. Stackupy CRM allows you to obtain meaningful data from customer behavior by monitoring customer interactions in detail. This allows businesses to increase customer satisfaction and provide more personalized service.

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Detailed Reporting
The Key to Strategic Management

WAGONN's solutions strengthen the decision-making processes of businesses with detailed reporting features. Detailed reports help businesses analyze their financial situation, inventory management and customer performance in detail. In this way, companies can better manage both their daily operations and strategic goals.

Detailed Customer Profile and
Financial Integration

WAGONN's solutions help businesses strengthen customer relationships and optimize financial processes with detailed customer profiles and financial integration. A detailed customer profile provides comprehensive information about each customer, enabling personalized experiences. Financial integration offers a fully integrated structure with QNB E-Finans, allowing you to manage financial processes more efficiently and securely. This solution set is an ideal solution for businesses to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen their financial performance.

Detailed Customer Profile

The detailed customer profile feature integrated with stackupy CRM allows businesses to get a broad view of each customer. Details such as customer preferences, purchase history and interaction history offer companies a significant advantage in developing customer-specific strategies.

QNB E-Finans

Fully Integrated with QNB E-Finance

It makes financial processes more efficient by offering a fully integrated structure with QNB E-Finance. This integration enables secure sharing of financial data and helps companies manage their finances more effectively. QNB E-Finance integration increases the competitive advantage of businesses by creating a strong financial management infrastructure.


ConveraLink offers a Meet app that greatly improves users' experience of attending business meetings and enhances collaboration. This application optimizes business processes by allowing users to easily join meetings. Thanks to its rich features, it makes meetings more productive with interactive elements such as video conferences, screen sharing, file sharing and chat. ConveraLink Meet app allows users of all levels to quickly adapt with its user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality. Thus, it offers an ideal platform for effective communication and collaboration in the business world.

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ConveraLink: Secure, Fast Access
and Perfect Integration

ConveraLink stands out with its superior features for the needs of the business world. Its own servers where data is securely stored, fast access that does not require any client, and perfect integration with CRM/ERP turn your online meetings into a safe, smooth and integrated experience with your business processes. Raise the bar on collaboration and communication, increase efficiency and streamline your business processes with ConveraLink.

Secure Data Management

ConveraLink securely stores your data on your own servers and protects your online meetings with industry-standard security.

ConveraLink prioritizes the data security of businesses. By storing your data on your own servers, it implements industry standard security protocols and secures your online meetings.

Quick Access That Doesn't Require a Client

ConveraLink provides instant access to fast and user-friendly online meetings without the need to download any client.

ConveraLink allows users to join online meetings quickly and seamlessly. It eliminates the need to download a client, providing an instantly ready-to-use and user-friendly platform.

Perfect Integration

ConveraLink combines your online meetings with your business processes by providing perfect integration with your CRM, ERP and Intranet systems.

ConveraLink offers the perfect solution for integrating online meetings with your business processes. Seamless integration with your CRM, ERP and Intranet systems increases efficiency and aligns meetings with your business processes. In this way, businesses can manage data more effectively and integrate online meetings into their workflows.

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